Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer is out
I am still kind of getting over the shock that Spitzer was involved with this. Now many news outlets such as the New York Times, NY Post, CNN and FOX News are reporting that he had an addiction to this sort of thing, and had bills totalling over $80,000 dollars! I wonder what more will come out of this, will he face legality issues and possibly go to jail?

Again, you have to wonder why his wife would stand by his side in these news conferences. I know for a fact that if I had a public position, which someday if I finish school, I will, and I did something like this, Alissa, my wife would definitely not stand by me. You have to ask yourself, why should she? It was the governors massive mistake and problem. He is the one that is not only killing his political career forever, and probably any chances of working in the law industry, but he is completely tearing apart his entire family as well. Which unfortunately, the news outlets don't seem to care much about. It's kind of sad when you think about it. This guy has three teenage daughters who are all well known I'm sure where they go to school. They have to go face the other teenagers who can be rough in school. His wife has to go to the grocery store, or to the mall to buy a shirt, it's going to be difficult for these people to move on from this kind of anguish and pain.

I am glad though that Spitzer resigned. I was always a supporter of his like I mentioned in a previous article. I not only like the fact that he was this tough hard nosed Democrat, but it seemed like he was different. It seemed like he was not this slimy politician that we have all seen on television or in the news. He seemed more down to earth, a family man who just wanted to clean up New York and Wall Street for families rights.

Well, looks like I and many other people were totally wrong about him. It also seems like the new Lt. Gov. David Paterson might be a better fit for this position. From what I have read and heard, many people who worked for New York state hated Spitzer for so many differing reasons. The Republican party especially did not like what he was doing in the Government, and honestly, neither did the Democrats. So, hopefully the state can move on quickly from this mess, and Gov. Paterson will start over.

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Heather said...


I do not know anything about his political career, howver, I agree with you that as a public figure, he really did have higher standards and in turn more responsibility to the public; it may not seem fair, but true. My first thought was also, why would his wife stand by his side?! I sure wouldn't as I know Alissa would not either! No matter how "okay" she may want her life to look, standing by his side really does "OK" his actions and gives a poor message to her daughters.